Saturday, November 10, 2012


Location: Surin
Type of Food: Italian
Price per person: 500 Bht 

When I talked to my friend Franz about wanting to eat at Bocconcino, I was actually thinking of Bocconcini, those small mozzarella balls that are my favorite and that is why I always don't get the name right. But yesterday, there is no mistaking, Bocconcino/Bocconcini, /tomayto/, /tomaato/, same same but different - both are simple and both simply hits the spot.

It was our lunch break so we didn't have the luxury of time to order antipasti and some bread. I got a Carbonara and Franz ordered Bolognese. We were both worried that the serving was actually more than we expected because we already planned to have dessert.

Let's backtrack a little bit, I got a message from Franz with this picture saying, "Bocconcino is sending signals that we should go there and indulge." 

And I am easy (as a Sunday morning) so I said, "Let's!" So it was the dessert that really made us trek to Surin.

But the Carbonara wasn't so bad either. It was creamy without any cream. I mean it consist only of the pancetta fat (that were really crispy by the way), olive oil and egg yolks--yum! Just the way a Carbonara should be. Then I had Raspberry Panna Cotta which was light and perfect after a very fatty meal. It comes in a medium size bowl so it 's actually good for two people.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunset Restaurant

Location: Cherngtalay
Type of food: Thai Cuisine
Price per person: 80- 150 Bht

I first wrote about Sunset Restaurant here. In fact, the germ of an idea of writing a Phuket food guide sprouted after I thought on writing about Sunset. Back then, the restaurant was newly opened. As the years passed, Sunset has been the favorite for locals both farangs  (foreigners) and Thais.

Not only is it very affordable, it is also consistently delicious. Sunset, to those not familiar to the northern part of the island, is beside Black Cat along the side of Cherngtalay Police. Be sure to go there early as the place is usually jam-packed. Service is usually fast and efficient and the staff are very friendly.

I'm sure every one has got their own favorite at Sunset but mine are:

1. Chicken Cashew Nut Stir Fry.

2. Chicken Green Curry

3. Phad See Yew Gai

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