Saturday, November 10, 2012


Location: Surin
Type of Food: Italian
Price per person: 500 Bht 

When I talked to my friend Franz about wanting to eat at Bocconcino, I was actually thinking of Bocconcini, those small mozzarella balls that are my favorite and that is why I always don't get the name right. But yesterday, there is no mistaking, Bocconcino/Bocconcini, /tomayto/, /tomaato/, same same but different - both are simple and both simply hits the spot.

It was our lunch break so we didn't have the luxury of time to order antipasti and some bread. I got a Carbonara and Franz ordered Bolognese. We were both worried that the serving was actually more than we expected because we already planned to have dessert.

Let's backtrack a little bit, I got a message from Franz with this picture saying, "Bocconcino is sending signals that we should go there and indulge." 

And I am easy (as a Sunday morning) so I said, "Let's!" So it was the dessert that really made us trek to Surin.

But the Carbonara wasn't so bad either. It was creamy without any cream. I mean it consist only of the pancetta fat (that were really crispy by the way), olive oil and egg yolks--yum! Just the way a Carbonara should be. Then I had Raspberry Panna Cotta which was light and perfect after a very fatty meal. It comes in a medium size bowl so it 's actually good for two people.

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