Monday, February 13, 2012

De Dos

Location: Laguna Area, Bangtao
Type of food: French/Fusion
Price per person: 500-1000 Bht

There are two words that I am wary about when it comes to dining out, french and fusion. I have been to so many restaurants who promised both but were only as good as looking posh and pretentious. So when I was invited to have dinner at De Dos last week, I was hesitant inspite having two of my friends telling me that the food is absolutely good and "they serve really good homemade foie gras". Needless to say, being a sucker for anything liver, they had me at foie gras.

De Dos is situated along the row of galleries and bars near the intersection of the Laguna entrance. The interior looks very polish and posh without being ostentatious. The first ticked on my checklist was the fast and professional service. And then, the onslaught of good food arrived.. which is exactly what they promised on their website, dining differently ( hey, I did my research!).

We  proceeded to make our way with the menu and started with Carrot Ginger Cappucino. Now on principle, I don't like food that is served on a shot or martini glass (hello, shrimp cocktails are so declasse!). I would like to leave the glasses for my cocktails thank you very much. But for this one, I would make an exception. The foaminess of the carrot puree and the subtle hint of ginger really started my meal on the right note.

And then there was the Sun-dried tomato butter and Ciabatta. The butter has got the consistency of a gelatto. When I tasted it, that was when I realized that I'm going to be fed well. Then came the Homemade Foie Gras  with fig chutney in balsamic reduction and brioche. The foie gras was cooked exceptionally well and the sweetness of the chutney and the acid of the vinegar gave a really good balance to the dish.

The night before, I was watching this new series Revenge and Amber Valetta's character was served Lobster Bisque in bed. I just thought how posh it would be to have Lobster Bisque (though disappointedly not in bed). But this Lobster Bisque  is everything but a disappointment. It was lovely. You can taste the sea in the broth. It was flambeed in Pastis and served with prawn ravioli. Of all the dishes that I had that night, this is the one that I totally enjoyed.

The Pan Seared Tuna was coated in cashew nut and seared perfectly. The wasabi fraiche needs a little more kick, but that is just me. I love wasabi and I love it when I get a 'headache' out of it. There was a lot of thought that went to that dish and I really appreciated it. The tabbouleh (couscous) gave it a Mediterranean texture but its lime, tomatoes and garlic flavor is very oriental which brought some coherence to the Japanese influence of the tuna and wasabi. Although I know that the dish would stand without the mango on it, I am not complaining.

We also had the Duck Breast Pomelo, the duck was tender and juicy and the tamarind sauce and Pomelo salad was a great compliment. But by this time my mind was already on our dessert, Moulleux au Chocolat warm chocolate cake with  molten goodness in the center and served with strawberry sorbet. My heart was palpitating when it was laid out on the table. What a way to end a memorable feast!

De Dos is a well executed restaurant. One of the few in Phuket (in my humble opinion). I am looking forward on working my way through the menu again very soon.

DeDos Restaurant
8 Lagoon Rd.
Cherng Talay, Talang
83110 Phuket

Tel.: +66 (0)76 325 182


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