Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bangtao/Cherngtalay Markets

Location: (Mondays and Thursdays) market is near Tesco Lotus
               ( Wednesdays and Sundays) across Cherngtalay Police Station
               ( Tuesdays and Fridays) main Bangtao Road. Going to Kamala, it's after Wine Connection

               Market opens at 4:00pm- 9:00pm

Type of food: Thai street food
Meal per person: starts at 35-40 Bht

The best way to try Thai food is to go to the markets. Thai markets are one of a kind. Not only is it the best way that you can find cheap gifts to bring back home but it also will you a glimpse of the 'real Thailand'. It's were the locals meet, socialize and dine. And if it's good enough for the locals it must be the real deal. That being said, I have to warn you of trying out food with plenty of chilis (local Thai food are usually very hot) because they might be too spicy for you.

Bangtao/ Cherngtalay holds 3 markets in a week in different locations. The biggest one is the one near Tesco Lotus. It is popular with tourist so you can buy souvenir products, bags, trinkets, sandals and clothes there as well. Good quality fruits, vegetables and herbs are also available. Most of the food sold are cooked food and snacks.

The market across the Cherngtalay Police sells mostly for local residents. They have a good selection of fresh fish (some are sold alive) and meat. Its smaller than the Tesco Lotus market.

The one along Bangtao Road is what the locals call the Muslim market as it is situated within Bangtao's  Muslim village. They have dried fish, fresh fish, chicken and obviously no pork. Southern dishes are more popular here.

There's a wide range of Thai snacks; from the very bizaare crickets and grasshopper that a lot of people would say taste like chips; food on sticks like sausages, quail eggs, squid and fish balls; to banana fritters and rotis (Asian version of crepes).

Banana fritters

food on sticks

I know a lot of you might be asking if the food is safe to eat. I can assure you that I never had a bad tummy ever since I have been habitually going to these markets.

A must try are also these Homoks  or steamed fish curry custards wrapped in banana leaves. They can be a bit spicy but they are really good. The Rice with Thai herbs one the other hand, is an acquired taste.


Rice with Thai herbs

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MARKET! MARKET! you can feel my excitement in going to the market in this blog.

{Photos courtesy of Jun Bernabe}


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