Sunday, March 4, 2012


Location: Surin beach
Type of food: International / Mediterranean / Thai
Price per person: 500-1000 Bht

Whenever there is a discussion about Catch I always get both a favorable and dissenting opinion. The location is great. It is right in front on the gorgeous Surin beach. It's hip and chic. The food is consistently good (and in most people, that's what matters). But, and it's an emphatic 'but', a lot of people also think that it is expensive (which is a major deciding factor as well). And sometimes (not all the time) their service can be really slow.

I am in limbo here because I don't know which side I'm on. On one side, there are some food there that I like and that's the reason why I like going back again and again, but on the other hand, I do agree that it is expensive and that's why I can't go there as often as I want to.

In this previous post I talked about how a sucker for great burgers I am and that is probably why Catch has a soft spot in my heart. To quote my friend Romeo..

Juicy Cheese Burger

Medium Rare, huge & deliriously good! The best (the biggest) burger I've ever had in   ages, which tempted me to unhinge my jaw Crotalus adamanteus-style! I didn't dare, though.

Cheddar melted half-pound Angus beef between mildly buttered soft, puffy, vaguely sweet & golden-yellow buns with perfectly portioned crisp lettuce, onion rings & tomatoes. And I just have to have this with Dijon mustard & that oooh sooo silky & creamy mayo. No catsup. Plus fresh salad for all this guilt.
Beer, not fries, was my sweaty pair.   
                                                                                       -Romeo Ferrer Vitug-Arci
                                                                                       Executive Chef
                                                                                                        Magdalena Gourmet Cuisine                                                                   

Nobody could have said it better.

This Tuna in Asian Sauce with sauteed Bokchoy is juicy and substantial. It's always my go-to dish when I feel like I wanted something healthy but I'm too hungry for just a salad. The fish is perfectly seasoned and cooked with just the right pinkness in the middle. The delicate and crisp vegetable offers a great compliment to the tuna.

And when I crave for something with rice, I only have one thing in mind, the Seafood Pineapple Rice. It's as good as it looks. The curry flavored rice is mixed with mussels, squids, prawns, pineapple slices and cashews.

All in all, I guess I do like Catch. They must have done something right to be one of the enduring establishment in the island and that fact is what most people would agree.

{Photos by: Romeo Ferrer Vitug-Arci}


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