Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bakery: Sungtum Bakery

Well-made baked goods are hard to find in Phuket. Bakeries are few and most of them are pricey. So I'm happy to stumble upon this unassuming bakery tucked on the same side and behind Ohlala in Kamala.

I have tried almost everything in their product range. I get a lot of our Chocolate Croissants (Pain au Chocolate, 15bht each) from there. The chocolate is so generous that I think it is great value for the price.

Try the Olive and Onion Foccacia (70 bht) and the Sour Dough Breads (70bht ) which are both excellent. They also have Vanilla Muffins with Almonds (15bht) that if you are lucky, Khun Mongkol can give you one to taste for free. They have a selection of Dutch Pastries (15bht) , Banana Loaf Breads (50 Bht) and Fruit Cakes (50bht). 

Most of the bread that are readily available are frozen and you only need to toast or reheat them a little bit. But if you want them fresh, you can order ahead of time.

Sungtum Bakery
Owner: Mongko Ngorpradit
T:   076 385 403
M:  082 419 1622


  1. they taste better than they look. I should try the guyabano tea in your blog. I love guyabano!


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