Monday, March 5, 2012

Shie Ching's Phuket Town: NC Kitchen

{This is my friend Ooi's first entry for her page Shie Ching's Phuket Town. Her real name is Ooi Shie Ching which makes Ooi her family name (but this is what I call her). Ooi or Shie Ching is from Malaysia but she came to Thailand 12 years ago to work and live with her Aunt Jane (who is actually our age) in Phuket Town. She is responsible for showing me the best places to eat in the island's capital. Not only that she speaks fluent Thai she is also a fellow foodie and knows all the secrets that the Town has to offer. }

NC Kitchen
Map: Please click here
Price per person: 100-150 bht

The restaurant is opposite the Royal Phuket City Hotel near the bus terminal. It opens in the morning and gets busy at lunch time. Their food is displayed in the counter at the front so all you need to do is point at which one you want and they will reheat it for you.

We recommend you try:

1. Hoi Chor or Deep Fried Crab Crab meat balls served with plum dipping sauce.

2. Deep fried Prawn with Tamarind Sauce battered prawns topped with the sweet and sour goodness of the tamarind sauce with dried chilis and garlic flakes.

3. Thai Fish Cakes- I love Thai fish cakes! They have more flavor than their western counterpart. You can taste the fish, coconut, kaffir lime instead of the usual floury aftertaste of a battered fish cake. Best eaten while it's still hot and juicy, with or without rice.

4. Sour Soup (Tom Som) is food for the soul. The acidity of the soup and the freshness of the ingredients give a good balance. A great comfort food on rainy days.


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